Volunteering at Clwyd Special Riding Centre

There are many opportunities for volunteering here at CSRC and we very much appreciate any time you may be able to give.
There are a variety of areas that volunteers work in, including:

  • Supporting the delivery of RDA sessions by helping with mounting, sidewalking, leading the horse and instructing
    • (This is undertaken in riding, carriage driving, vaulting and Hippotherapy sessions).
  • Maintaining the grounds
  • Repairs and maintenance to fences, gates and gateways
  • Maintaining the fields and tracks
  • Helping in the kitchen
  • Helping with fundraising activities are the centre
  • Undertaking small administrative tasks
  • Helping to lead horses up to the appropriate area

    Supporting practical horse
    related activities

    Being involved with the use of the mechanical horse

    Working with beneficiaries in the CELT building on multi-sensory learning activities.

    As a Centre we greatly appreciate all our volunteers and the precious time that they give to the centre.
    Without them, the day to day running of the centre and the sessions would be extremely difficult and we wouldn’t be able to
    offer the services we do to as many people as we do.

    CSRC also offer student placements. Recent placements have included Veterinary Students, The Mulberry School of English,
    Duke of Edinburgh, school and college work experience. Please ring to discuss your requirements.

    Student Placements

    About two years ago I decided to spend three months abroad in Wales. I thought it would be a nice thing to do but spending three months at the Clywd Special Riding Centre was more than nice. It was absolutely amazing!

    When The Mulberry School of English told me where to work for these three months I was really happy but I also wondered if I could handle the coming situations. But it wasn’t worth a thought. Working with all these wonderful people, great horses and also really nice riders was such a great experience for me. It was so great to see how the little things in life can make such a difference to some people and how friendly people can be to each other. The atmosphere at the whole Centre was so delightful and I really enjoyed myself working there.

    Writing this article is a big chance for me to thank you all: Thank you for long chats to practice my English, your help whenever it was necessary, fun at the yard and during the lessons, good hacks on the track, dinners and presents in the end and in general for being so nice! I had an amazing time with you.

    Love, Maike

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