Project CELT at Clwyd Special Riding Centre

After a successful application to the Big Lottery Fund, work started on creating Project CELT. Building work to develop a new learning and therapy room, barn and round pen soon commenced and continued throughout the festive season, taking this exciting new facility from a dream to a reality.

We are all so excited to be involved in this new venture and look forward to being able to offer a fully accessible service to those with complex needs who may previously have been unable to come. We can’t wait to see what the future will bring and watch Project CELT and the Centre grow!

Mechanical Horse


Interactive Screen

Variety of Communication Equipment

To find out more about our Centre for Equine Learning and Therapy, please download our English and Welsh leaflets here.

Please do call the office if you need further information.

What we offer


It is the aim of the Clwyd Special Riding Centre through Project CELT to offer a wide variety of opportunities to a greater number of individuals with; learning, sensory and physical disabilities.

Courses will:
• Run on a rolling programme last approximately 6-8 weeks
• Include a range of equine related experiences
• Involve interactions with a horse or pony
• Be ground based sessions
• Demonstrate progress in key areas

There are over 29,000 individuals living with disabilities in North Wales and the surrounding area and we would like to be able to provide a service that can be accessed by more of those who wish to participate.


Horses have a very social nature: they are herd animals and, like many prey animals, have a heightened sense of awareness of the rest of their herd. This nature is useful in the case of EAT/EAL sessions, as the herd includes us! Horses interact with herd members in an honest and congruent manner, responding to the slightest change in emotion, energy levels, behaviour, focus or intention and will then reflect this information back to us. They live entirely in the present, or for a better phrase, “in the moment” and offer us forgiveness, patience and another chance when we get things wrong. Sometimes the simple things can be taken for granted, and merely being in the presence of a horse can be extremely beneficial.  

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